Annual Report 2019

Transitioning together

Annual Report 2019

Eneco is making the transition to sustainable energy possible. As a group and together with our customers and partners, we are working on realising our mission: ‘Everyone’s sustainable energy’. Eneco is producing and delivering more and more sustainable energy. In addition, we develop products and services with which consumers and businesses can produce, store, consume and share sustainable energy themselves. Thanks to our consistent strategy, we are frontrunners in the energy transition.

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5,7 1
Customer contracts
in millions in 2019
6.0 in 2018

88,4% 2
Customer satisfaction
after contact in 2019
89.8% in 2018

67% man
33% woman
ratio in 2019

Transitioning together


This past year was undoubtedly one of the most hectic years in Eneco’s recent history. This was the last year in which Eneco’s shares were held by public shareholders: we are now making a fresh start with new shareholders.

Foreword CEO Ruud Sondag

Overview of the main results

Amounts from the 2019 financial statements; in € 1 million

Gross margin and other revenues

2019 1,096
2018 1,082

Operating profit (EBIT)

2019 132
2018 162

Cash flow from operating activities

2019 454
2018 428

Total revenues

2019 4,332
2018 4,183

Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)

2019 428
2018 415

Net result

2019 80
2018 136

Investments (and acquisitions) in fixed assets

2019 372
2018 548



Group equity

2019 2,937
2018 2,939

Interest-bearing debt

2019 767
2018 505

Balance sheet total

2019 5,968
2018 5,743



Group equity/total assets in %

2019 49.2
2018 51.2

Credit Rating

2019 BBB+
2018 BBB+

ROCE in %
(Return on Capital Employed)

2019 3.0
2018 5.3

(Interest Coverage Ratio)

2019 28.5
2018 18.0

Energy figures

Transitioning together

Value creation

Eneco's strategy is aimed at creating value in the long term for various groups of stakeholders: our employees, our customers, our shareholders and society. With our sustainable activities, we seek to ensure that our impact on the economy, people and the environment is as positive as possible. Our value creation model provides insight into how we do this.

More about value creation

Growth in delivery of energy

We aim to add value when delivering energy to our customers with affordable energy, excellent digital services and a wide range of products and services. We succeeded in delivering more sustainable energy again in 2019 than in the year before.

More about growth in delivery of energy

Growth in innovative services

For the switch to sustainable energy, we offer our customers innovative services for in and around their home and business (Energy as a Service), electric transport and (decentralised) energy management. In order to accelerate this process and have more impact for and with our customers, we work together with partners and invest in innovative companies.

More about growth in delivery of energy

Growth in sustainable energy

At present, the Netherlands is still among the laggards in Europe with regard to realising the Paris Climate Goals. Increasing the sustainability of the energy supply is essential to accelerate the necessary transition of our customers.

More about growth in delivery of energy

One Planet

If everyone in the world were to live as we do in the Netherlands, we would require 3.6 planets to meet our demand. Eneco wishes to bring its impact within the boundaries of the planet's capacity. To this end, we have the One Planet programme.

More about One Planet

Interviews about value creation and sustainability

Schiphol wants to be the most sustainable airport in the world

Schiphol wants to be the most sustainable airport in the world

‘It is Schiphol’s ambition to be the most sustainable airport in the world. In order to achieve this, we are following our Roadmap Most Sustainable Airports on our way towards a waste-free and emission-free airport.’

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The world’s largest crane ships are going electric

The world’s largest crane ships are going electric

Eneco, Port Authority Rotterdam and Heerema Marine Contractors are actively working on realising the energy transition and reducing emissions. At Heerema’s initiative, the mega crane ships Sleipnir, Thialf and Aegir will be hooked up to shore power at Heerema’s home port.

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EnergieLab: working on awareness for the future

EnergieLab: working on awareness for the future

In the Eneco EnergieLab in Vianen, next to the wind farm Autena, primary school pupils learn in a fun way how sustainable energy is produced and what you can do at home to save energy.

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Heating innovation based on commitment, engagement and transparency

Heating innovation based on commitment, engagement and transparency

Jinny Moe Soe Let has been working for Eneco already for six years. She studied law originally. After a career with the government, she switched to Eneco and she now works as Programme Manager Heat for the industrial market.

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